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4runnerman, since I started this thread, I have found out some valuable info on this cartridge. First of all, there were lots of guns made in this caliber for many years. There are still lots of rifles in use chambered for it, and it is a well engineered cartridge. Maybe more so than the 223. Oblolete cartridges like the Weatherby 224 were only chambered for the 224 by Weatherby. The 222 magnum had a short life, and therefore not near as many rifles are chambered for this obsolete round. The 32 special is an other good example of a cartridge that has a lot of guns chambered for it. I don't believe there has been any rifles chambered for the 32 since pre 64, but there are two companies that still produce it. Also, I found 3 local gun shops that have 222 in stock where I live, but I will reload it I manage to buy the rifle.
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