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I will never use anything other than a precision single piece base- and a down-angle one, at that. By precision, I don't necessarily mean a $100 Seekins...I mean not a $10 NC Star...

Eliminates alignment issues you can have with two piece bases. Not to say two piece bases can't work fine, I just see no reason for them since the advent of the rail mounts unless there's an issue with ejection where a rail is not practical. Ring placement is flexible, allowing in turn more flexibility in scope positioning.

I'm not a fan of the one piece mount/rings combos, but we do have a Warne RAMP on an AR and like it. If you go this route- don't go cheap. There's a LOT of precision machining required to get a combo like that precise. Again, NC Star isn't going to cut it...

Frankly, I've not understood the added value vs. cost for steel bases...maybe for a military application where the rifle might be abused, and the softness of the aluminum is a liability? Plenty of very accurate, long-range rifles with aluminum bases.

Yes- the long vs. short action DOES matter here- ring positioning, as I mentioned above.
With a long action, and two piece bases with rings, you cannot (obviously) shift the positions of the rings- and depending on your scope positioning, eye relief, etc.- you may not be able to get the scope where you want it due to the fixed rings, and the greater distance between them with the long action.
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