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Looking for information on the Springfield XD 5.25 9mm comp series

I have an interest in buying a new and ascetically pleasing handgun for target shooting and home defense. I have my eye on the Springfield XD 5.25 chambered in 9mm.

What I would like to know is whether or not this gun has issues eating hollow points, corbons or any other kind of ammo. To my knowledge this gun is identical to all other XD's internally, so I presume that if the XD's are reliable throughout the wide spectrum of ammo then so will this variant. Are they?

I was seriously considering getting a plain old Glock 17 or 19 instead, but the gen 4 has allot of internet snow balling going on right now. I gather that the issue has something to do with a spring inside of a 9mm gun that was designed for a .40mm. Regardless I like the XD line better from not only an ascetic standpoint, but the grip is nicer and I also enjoy the grip safety. I know that I don't need a second safety, but I like having it anyway.

While we are at it I would like to ask one additional question. This particular gun has a cut on it's slide in order to reduce the slide's weight. I heard that in some states modifying the weight of the slide can be illegal. I live in Florida, is there a problem?

last but not least, are the XD's (obviously based on the glocks time tested design) also know for being as robust? I know that you can kick a glock through the dirt and it keeps on eating rounds. Are the XD's on par in this regard?

Thank you for your posts in advance. Note that this will be a gun that I will actually be using, firing rounds through and taking classes with. I want a real gun that I can beat up, scratch up and put nicks in and never have to worry about much besides cleaning it every now and again.
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