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Sako A3

Howdy All,

I just brought home a Sako A 3 from the NRA Whittington Center (The local gun shop) and I'm wondering if any of you folks are familiar with the Sako 7mm Remington Magnum? It's in very good condition, I'd say 90 to 95% near new. Rifling is bright and sharp, magazine condition is near new. No marring or wear. The iron sights were removed and plug screws installed. The screw slots are even lined up. Barrel length is 24". The origonal wood stock however does show a little stippling in places from what looks like water damage, perhaps.

I paid $625.00 for the rifle with a nice leather sling. Oh, the blueing is almost perfect by the way. I'm planning on mounting a decent 3x9x40, but I'm not sure which brand would best compliment this rifle. I haven't shot it yet as I just brought it home today and I have to order a set of rings for it as well.

Is the A 3 the model number or name of this rifle? Or is there another? There isn't any other marking on the rifle other than the serial number. the barrel is stamped Sako 7mm Rem mag and also says made in Finnland. I would sure appreciate any input from you folks on ths rifle. I plan on using it for Elk and target shooting out to 500 yards or so. Also what ammo would be recommended for this rifle?

Thanks for your input,,,,
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