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Thanks for your comments, Al.

I retook the qualification course for a CA permit about 4 months ago and it was reported anecdotally that Hutchens had figured out being anti was not going to keep her in the job, so she was behaving much more like Riverside and San Bernardino counterparts in working with applicants to assist with issuing CCW's. A friend told me (and he should know) Riverside issues on 95% of applications.

I recall Hutchens' move to take back permits issued by Carona, immediately upon her hiring. A couple of years in the job had mellowed her, but maybe not so much. I did not know that none of those revoked had not been reissued.

The common thread appears to be "self-defense" as good cause. The Sacramento County Sheriff announced in 2010 he would accept "self-defense". Hutchens clearly hasn't, though she may be issuing on other bases.

In fact, living in Los Angeles County, I refrained from attempting to apply as I was told I had to have the Police Chief in my little town (which does its own [non] issuing) approve my good cause before I could apply. The tone very much was "please don't try this", in my discussion with the leading officer. He went so far as to mention that I needed "appropriate insurance", which is not a feature of the requirements at all. I bit on that one and he backed down hurriedly. The message was pretty clear.

This is consistent with Los Angeles PD policy for a number of years. Despite the fact they lost in court and were told to change policies/procedures, they have not and were sued last year for continuing the old routine. I am in the same boat as the plaintiffs in OC.

I have had a TX permit for 12 years (acquired when I lived there), and now have permits for some other states, so that I can carry in 35 of 50 states. CA has no reciprocity arrangements with any states, though some will honor a CA permit.

This will be an interesting case.

The current situation produces rankly different results for CA citizens in simiar situations, at the whim of a local authority. A zip code sort of CCW permits in LA County in 2006 showed clusters of permits in danger zones such as Beverly Hills, and nothing in safe places such as Compton. It has racist and classist outcomes, which apparently suit some people just fine.

Most rural CA counties are effectively shall-issue. LA County with far more people has issued far fewer CCW's than some rural counties alone, must less those urban counties adjacent to it. San Diego, Santa Barbara and areas around San Francisco similarly frown on armed citizens.

Things may get worse as the Legislature has passed a bill which allows LA County to make its own rules with regard to....BB guns, regardless of any CA State laws that might relate. I can only guess where this precedent will go next.

Our governor and AG are both very much in favor sharing the monopoly on carrying concealed between LEO's and criminals. The rest of us are just too scary to trust.
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