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My new old rifle finally arrived...

... and I really like it.

1950s vintage Savage 99, open sights only; not drilled or tapped for scope or sling. It's a .300 Savage - so now I really need to learn how to reload; I have the equipment, now I just need to set it up and learn to use it.

I've wanted one of these since I was a teenager, and read about the 99 in the 1983 Gun Digest. (The author's was a .250-3000 as I recall, but the .300 will work for me just fine.) Finally found one in nice shape, at a reasonable price, and pounced with both feet.

Took it out and put a few rounds of Federal and Bitterroot 150gr through it, yesterday; functions fine. I'll need to see how it groups later this week.
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