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If you want something accurate, good looking, well made, accurate, and good value check out the Savage bolt actions. Make sure it is a 'newer' model with the accu-trigger.
Not really interested in a bolt-action and never particularly liked the way Savages look anyway. A Ruger Hawkeye seems like it would be a nice rifle but out of my budget right now.

I got my eye ona few other guns but they are all abit out of my price range at the moment. Ithaca 37, Saiga-12 (converted ofcourse), Romy G build with some mods, Mini-14, or a Century C93.

So many guns to buy, so little money.

....though right before deer season is not the best time to buy a 30/30, as far as price and selection, particularly in pawn shops and on the consignment racks at the LGS ..... January to March time frame is best, as Christmas bills are coming due, construction work is at it's slowest, and the tax return checks have not showed up yet ......
Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep that in mind.
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