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the reason you suk at rifles

not that you do suk at rifles, but, you were right hand dominant and therefore right eye dominant, you no longer have your right eye. i don't know if that was from birth( i don't suspect that though) or it was lost not to long ago( within the last ten years). one of the replies you got says it best, grab a .22 and practice practice practice. other things you can do is go see an optometrist and ask for their advice as to how to gain dominance in the left eye, they will have sopme exercises you can do to train your left eye to be more dominant. good luck in your endeavor to be a better shot.
as far as recoil goes, the only advice i can give there is train your self to flow with it. this will entail timing between your torso response and finger pull on the trigger. don't fear the recoil, embrace it. another thing that might help is to pull the rifle into your shoulder tightly.
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