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I agree with this.
Every warning on a product or it's packaging is a result of a lawsuit against someone somewhere.
But would have added " where the lawyers got very rich and yet another freedom was lost by the people to the Nanny State".
"Oh... you didn't read the warnings... sorry, then there's nothing we can do for you, please close the door on your way out".

Shurly the only reason that cars aren't plastered in warnings is that the manufacturers have had the bottle to say "no way, we ain't doing it, and yes we are still going to make 'em where 15 gallons of a highly volatile and very flammable liquid is carried in a thin single skin metal container, that will more than likely rupture in a collision, under the car".
I mean, there is no way that if the car was invented today that you would be allowed to do that or a multitude of other things that are in every car.

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