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A coupla things, vicedude...

1) You gotta realize that most of the folks who go 11 Bang Bang (what used to be the designation from Infantry) aren't the most mentally motivated individuals out there... They went Infantry because they didn't rack high enough on the ASVAB to do something interesting, like "Cook" or "Driver." The Army always needs people dumb enough to believe that they'll survive making a frontal assault. So does the Marines. You'll find idiots in either group. The Marines have some good PR, but you'll see the same behavior.

Basic training is DESIGNED to take that group of low-lifes, break 'em down into NOTHING, and then build 'em back into some semblance of inter-connected soldiers. At least that USED to be the way things were done. It flat out sucks to be there, whether you're a low-life, or a highly motivated soldier. Deal with it. Make friends with your NCOs, and learn from them. Let them know your dreams, and your disappointments. ASK for guidance, and do what they tell you. Get to know your Top... Don't be afraid to excel in training, but don't gloat about it. It's better (unless your platoon is racing another...) to finish in the middle of the pack in a run, because you were encouraging someone, than it is to finish 1st and leave your buddy in the dust.

2) Keep a low profile. Basic Training is something that one survives, and puts behind 'em. Don't ask more of others than they're willing to give, and give more than they ask. Be a team player, and the NCOs and officers will notice. If you bitch at the folks in your platoon for being slackers, they'll notice that too... Give 110%, and then another 10% for those around you. You may get dropped occasionally because some jerk does something stupid, but that's the way it is. Live with it. One massive part of basic (going on to Infantry AIT) is learning to function with a team, not as a loner. Loners DO NOT make it. I think I may have told you this before. You're living the quiz. Talk to folks who've done the hard-core schools - It isn't always the hard-core folks who finish - it's the ones who stick with it, with their teams... If your squad isn't cohesive, work to make it cohesive.

3) Go talk to your friendly NCO (believe it or not, they're there to make sure you SUCCEED in training), and ask if it would be wise to request a meeting with the commanding officer, or whoever administered that Article 15 - State your grievances, especially regarding the harrassment and assault, and humbly request that the punishment be stricken from your records following your course of training, provided you maintain a clean record (of course, I don't remember if they do that with the summarized ones or not... if so, ignore...). Then swallow your pride. An Article 15 is NOT a good thing to have on your record, especially if you aspire to join an "elite" outfit or go to OCS - They do not want hotheads, regardless of what you may have read...

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