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FoghornLeghorn wrote:

Holy cow. I wouldn't even own a revolver I had to go to that much trouble to shoot.
I was being facetious, of course. But those who truly enjoy shooting will go to whatever length necessary to enjoy their guns. Consider the blackpowder shooter who pours a measured amount of powder into each chamber, seats a greased wad, loads a ball so oversized it cuts a ring as its seated, smears the whole cylinder face with lard, presses a tight fitting cap onto the nipples, the cocks and fires off six rounds. Then he does this all over again.

Or the shooter who has maybe at most ten magazines holding six or seven rounds of ammunition which must be loaded one round at a time into a stiffly sprung magazine, then must lock back the slide of his pistol, insert the magazine, press the slide release, and fire off the six or seven rounds.

And for those really into the sport, they chip their flints, actually iron pyrite, clamp it in their cock, prime their pan with a very fine powder, close the frizzen, load more powder down the muzzle........well, you get the idea.

And consider the trouble you went to courting.....

The ends are worth the effort.

Bob Wright
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