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Hey dude!! Thanks for the opinion, and I promise pics will be up when signifigant progress is made.

I am in the proccess of obtaining a very similar locker,
quite a bit wider, with multiple shelfs, every door with a seperate lock.

I dropped off blueprints about a week ago, and have not received an update yet... what I can say is at 74 bucks and hour..WOW this is getting expensive to be an expensive locker without including the materials.

Open to more input any time, and brand or model advice for the security system.

I will note, I have installed a hidden book case door to the main entry since last updated, in addition to 4,000,000 CW high resolution blue and white strobes. If you open the bookcase, those suckers are going off HUGE.

Goodluck getting out blind.. even without the fact I can operate smoothly in in a HR flash enviroment. the lighting alone will render most untrained people useless.
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