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I see a lot about the right bullet. Oddly enough, one person mentioned that AND the .257 Roberts. I used Hornady 117 Grain RN for years and it was not the right bullet. It defies all logic, but at closer ranges they would not open up unless you hit something solid. Out around 100 yards and better they opened up fine through the lung area. I know of one other person that had the same problem with the .257 and one with a .243 (I don't know what bullet he was loading) that described the same thing. We all got lucky and got a second fast shot in the shoulder. After you kill enough deer you know instantly if it was a good shot or not almost every time. I had it happen to me twice and the first bullet through looked like I ran a target arrow through. Actually, the reaction made me think I shot under the deer and missed. After that I only shot into heavy parts of deer with the .257R. I never had a problem using Hornady Varmit bullets at close range on deer. Close up they are fine. If you start thinking heavy bullets, you are already planning on using that .223 in a manner that is stretching the capabilities of it. I would not hunt with mine on a day with heavy gusts of wind.
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