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Jim March,

I stand corrected, and apologize for my careless use of SAA, and you are, of course, right.

However, as to best, I must confess to be turned off by Freedom Arms looks, as they certainly don't have the eye appeal of the Ubertis. Colt, good as they are, have yet to come up with a good SA .44 Magnum revolver, nor a stout .45 Colt.

My measure of "good, better, best" is what my target looks like downrange, and I'm hard pressed to tell any difference between Colt, Ruger, and Uberti. That, plus the eye appeal, is my criteria for a good sixgun. I do have Colts, but find more often than not, when leaving for the hunt or the range, chances are I've got a Ruger with me.

Bob Wright
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