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hey dude,

this question really has me thinking ( as I also have boardering on stupidly large hands )

This morning, I was at the range and decided to swing home and do some
'defiling' or my dummy/training Sig.

I swapped out the mag release for on I made myself in a mold.

I made it at such a length and fashion, that it maintains two stages.
First - is a 3/4 release ( or full release in the case of your situation ) where the mag requires a real good shake or to be pulled out ) due to hands in the way.

Second, is a full release stage, where the slightest of palm adjustment will drop the clip like it weighs a few dozen pounds.

It works great, and despite my hands, on a tac reload , my palm liftup just enough on full release ( second level ) to completely clear the spent mag like no ones business.

If this is something that you think you would be interested in, I will put up a video of the functionality of the product, and give you a HOW TO, that can easily be done at home.

I am heading into work an hour early to have some other guys do a tryed and true testing of my creation. See if we can't get a bearing on just how durable this is.
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