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CCW to purchase out of state?

I was wondering if WV CCW is allowed to purchase a handgun in any other state without transferring it.

My mother moved to WV and didn't even want a gun , then she got a 870 for Home protection which I tactical-ed out with light,laser,and fore grip and put a Knoxx on to reduce the recoil for her. She over 60 so as amusing as that is with a tactical shotgun the Knoxx is a must, IMHO.
Now she want's a handgun so I took her to the hardware store to look at their very limited selection. I also told her that if she gets a handgun ,she should get a CCW. My question is going to be for her second handgun (which I know after she starts shooting more she will get, I know my mom ). I tell her she needs to shoot a handgun before buying it. So I want a place where they have a range but a very large selection of handguns and that would most likely be out of WV. I gave her a list of what I recommend but it's not what I think it's what is best for her that she likes and is comfortable with.

Any info or even if someone knows of good WV places that would be appreciated.

Thank You
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