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.44 Magnum is my all time favorite cartridge. I've loaded everything from Bullseye to H110/W296 but settled on two powders for heavy loads; 2400 and Blue Dot. All my .44 Magnum reloads get a firm roll crimp or a Redding Profile Crimp. As noted above get a manual and decide how much you wanna put in each case. I disconinued my use of H110/W296 because the load "window" is narrow and I wasn't comfortable just throwing a load, I measured them all. AA9 is also a popular powder for heavy .44 loads and I'm also using some WC820 (my batch is about 10% slower than H110). I seem to be going the opposite way as the OP; I'm going for lighter kicking loads and even tried Trail Boss with 265 RNFPs in my .44 Puma...
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