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alright let me see here.
I checked craiglist for your area. Apparently they don't allow firearms.
I know, it's infuriating sometimes, I just thought that was craigslist everywhere since Virginia and Florida CL seemed to block firearms too.
The 7mm RM is more than enough to kill a elk! No sense of getting a gun with the recoil you have a hard time handling. Something with more recoil, you'll develop a "flinch" and in end not making the shot when you need to. I bet if talk enough elk hunters, they probably tell you that a lot of elk are shot under the 350 yard range. One more thing, it takes a lot a practice to hit a elk at 350 yards!
in my opinion the 7mm RM is probably one of the best elk rounds out there. I just bought the weatherby off my brother because he didn't want it after he found out how much ammo costs and was letting it go for cheap and I needed something bigger than 243. however the location that I have drawn for elk tags is mostly VERY dense forests that is impossible to track elk in with the only open areas being across canyons. the average my brothers and I have found with a range finder being 500 yards. it would be nice to sit over a salt lick and let them come to me but idaho doesn't allow hunting near salt licks or the establishment of food plots so hoofing it out in rough country is about all we can do out here.

Put a new stock on your 300 weatherby.
I've considered this but the only aftermarket stocks I've seen are for the MKV rather than Vanguard actions.

You can get a Tikka T3 Hunter at Buds for $595.00 in 7mm Rem. Mag.
sounds like a good deal but once I pay for FFL+shipping that would only leave me around 50 dollars for optics to come in under budget.

I understand your situation. .300 Weatherby + Vanguard = one of the worst combinations ever conceived.
I wouldn't go that far. it's a fairly accurate rifle and I love the action on it but it would be nice if I could shoot a 3 round group without getting a bruised shoulder.

If you like the Rem 700 in .243 you can rechamber/barrel that for .308.
absolutely not. I inherited this rifle from my dad and it's all I have left of him so there is really no way that I willing to modify it in any way. also I've never been much of a fan of the 308. I figure the 30-06 has the same bullet drop, velocity drop and wind drift as the 308 but with higher velocity and FTLBs throughout and the 243 does better over range if I want to target shoot or do long range deer hunts so I really never found much use for the 308.

keep them coming boys, I appreciate all the input.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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