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Walther rates the Walther PPQ trigger pull at 5.5 lbs which is right in the same range as many other pistols.

IMO many have never experienced a truely nice trigger release and they get the impression it is a lighter pull but it is not. With the Walther PPQ you simply apply pressure to the trigger and it breaks.

I had to laugh as I let my son try my PPQ and even though he shot it better than is CZ he still said he did not like the "hair trigger" LOL.

When I try his CZ75 I see why as in SA trigger mode there is a lot of travel and grit - like a bumpy road before the trigger releases and he is used to that feedback. You don't get that with the PPQ - just the boom of the cartridge being ignited.

The Walther PPQ and P99 AS are my favorite poly frame combat pistols bar none for many reasons and not just the superb trigger - size, weight, ergonomics, reliability, durability, cool looks, and unreal accuracy.

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