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well its a pencil barrel 16" chrome lined ar15. I ran the .02 to lands on amax bc it was suggest by the guy I bought bullets from. Really just bought the rifle for run and gun SHTF type of deal. But I will be happy if I can my loads under 1 MOA with that rifle. Rifle was not really built for accuracy, I'm thinking but dependability and rapid assault type of situations.

I had some H335 for a bit but used it up in what I had left for my plinking load. The only reason I didnt want to get the h335 this time was because of the temperature sensitivity. The guy I get my reloading supplies tried to talk me into CFE223. Ive heard some really good things and some really bad things about it.

I might play with the seating depth on the A-max as well. But playing with the OAL messes with the grain measurement right? Changes pressure?
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