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Reloading 44 Mag question
I've been reloading 9mm, and 223 for about 2 years now, and i recently bought an 8" 44 mag raging bull. I love the gun and is really fun to shoot. This is my first large caliber pistol that i am trying to reload for and i had a couple questions.
I have been buying Winchester 44's from walmart that are about $40 for 50, and i built up enough brass that i am ready to start reloading. So i went out and got all the reloading stuff, and 3 different types of bullets. 200gr Lead round flat tip, 240gr lead SWC, and 240gr FMJ flat tips. Loaded the 200gr with 7gr win 231, and both 240gr with just under 10gr win 231(all inside the specs from hodgdon site).
The problem i am having is they don't have much power behind. The factory rounds I've been buying from walmart have a lot of kick and you can feel it when you shoot them, and i was wanting that feeling in my reloads not for them to feel like 9mm. I haven't been crimping as i never have on pistols, and was wondering if that would change anything? I don't know what a safe amount of win 231 would be to put in. Also I have red dot, varget, and unique powder available to use. Thanks for any help in advance.

It is my view that 231 is an excellent light pistol/target powder for the .44 Mag. However, that is 'light' loads.
As stated in other posts, your desire for more 'oomph' will require a different powder. Also previously stated you powder selection dose not include one that will give you what you want.

Next. I don't care for 2 out of 3 of the bullets you have selected. My opinion is after you burn up the 200 gr lead, don't fool with them again (go to heavier bullets if anything). As for the 240 FMJs, why? They just punch through by design.
My view is a 240 lead SWC for 'light' loads. I use 5.6 grains of 231 for around 640FPS and my granddaughters love to shoot them. And for that 'sting' you are wanting, 240 grain JHPs loaded with a suitable powder. There are many out there; 296/H110, 2400, Accur 9 & 7 and more (you can find them in a good loading book). I use a suitable loading of WW630 from an old stock that I have (as it dwindles I will have to move on to H110, but I have been thinking of working on 'Lit Gun' but it is not listed anyplace that I have seen).

The point is unless you want to use great effort to build a lead bullet load to the pressure levels that will give you the 'oomph' you are looking for (and an excellent hunting load also with heavier bullets), just use a suitable jacketed bullet with slower burn rate pistol powder. So get several loading books and study the data. It is not rocket science, it is fun.

Be safe and enjoy,

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