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In CA we have variance in practice from Sacramento County, which accepts "self-defense" as good cause to liberal bastions such as Los Angeles City and County, which do their best to preclude people from even applying (unless you are part of the glitterati or poltical classes), much less issuing.

Hutchens I understood had revised her anti-attitude, learned while working for LASD Lee Baca, and was working hard to make the stony path of the law as practical as possible. I would have preferred another target, but not my case.

Banning open-carry in any form occured last year and removed the fig leaf. The Democrat Legislature and hoplophobes got what they wished for, and teed this up. Orange County abuts Los Angeles, and perhaps the savants there will get the message.

It will be a long ride, but sometime CA will have to go "shall-issue" in law.
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