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Alright...Range report.

Colt shot better, but still malfunctioned the same way several times.

My final word on it? I don't trust it yet so far. Why is it my final word if tomorrow is another day? I just have a grim outlook on life.

So.....I don't know what to do with this thing. Probably sell it. If anyone wants it, the original amount I paid is on this thread. I won't expect that, but let's be nice.

As for the other guns...Let's just say it was a great accuracy range session.

Yet a really, really crappy reliability range session. I feel like throwing them into a canal cause the other guns haven't done this to me before. Seems like they were mocking the cool kid in class. (Colt 70)

Glock 19...I understand, it's a gen 4 so the trigger jobs you do on a gen 3 just doesn't work. This gun has been giving me problems from the get. This time..Instead of squeezing the trigger and nothing happening but the trigger returning to the forward position.

It stayed back as you shot it. Not every round. But every so often. Often enough. I'd say maybe 7-8 times. Which for me, sucks.

Glock 21 - slide didn't like forward once or twice. Might of been user error so whatever.

SIG P226...same thing. Again probably user error. Never happened to me before on the aforementioned gun or this one so that's weird.

SIG 1911 XO - FLAWLESS!!!!! Love it! Wanted to carry it today...Finally got it a darn holster. That damn flat side is so hard to find. So instead of my usual Don Hume, I went with what I could. Uncle Mike's -__- Well carried it after I came home and cleaned it last night and I've had it on me since. (I don't sleep sometimes). Felt great...I don't know why, when I came home and finished cleaning the rest of the guns. I put it in the safe and put on my P226.
Don't know why...

Glock 34 - flawless

stupid little phoenix 22 was flawless too, but a B to put back together. S&W .22 was as well.


The lady...

Flawless! lol didn't complain. Shot the .22, 9mm, .45 and all immaculate aim and grouping! For her first time. She made me so proud. She wanted to keep shooting. She did, awesome job. Really happy about that.

Ok....the rest had nothing to do with the topic. But just extra...for fun. Have fun reading it I guess..

Back to business..that Colt 70 series...Possibly for sale. Don't like any gun I can't trust. If someone else here wants to work on it, or they think they can fix it. Let me know. I want it fixed really badly. Just getting tired of trying to figure out what's wrong with it.

I have a tendency to over think things. So if I am let me know. Also if I'm jumping the gun on any drastic moves.

Thanks all. Much love.
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