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I could not find Winchester WSP primers at Graf's, Natchez, Powder Valley online. My LGS is sold out of the WSP (I bought their last box of 1,000). I was able to get Federal small pistol from Natchez. This might be a temporary shortage for the Winchester WSP. I don't know if full-on panic is hitting or this is just a fluke and Winchester will deliver a boatload more of the WSP to retailers in a week or so.

Sort of a dumb question for the group:
I know that pierced primers are usually a sign of over pressure. If I rule that out (for example, indirectly with chrono data) and the piercing or flow is just from the soft Federal primer in my 9 mm loads, IS THERE ANYTHING DANGEROUS OR PROBLEMATIC FROM HAVING THE FIRING PIN PIERCE THE PRIMER?
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