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I don't see a problem with it. You are not going to have very many people using a 22 centerfire most likely. Most will stick with what they have already.

22 centerfire has been legal, then not legal, then legal again here in Utah.
I have run across only a handful of people using anything smaller than a 243.
I know one lady who used a Mini 14 on everything up to and including elk, she is very patient, will not shoot over a hundred yards, and always puts her bullet at the skull/spine intersection. She has also gone home empty handed several times because she could not get the shot she wanted.

People that will just start flinging lead willy nilly are going to do it with whatever they have, caliber won't matter.

I personally think a .233, 22-250, 220 swift etc with good bullets (not a varmint bullet)would be a far better game cartridge than say 25-20, 32-20, 30 carbine....... just my opinion.

The majority of shooters who will use a 22 centerfire I'm willing to bet are your more experienced hunters wanting a little more challenge. Which usually means they know their limits.
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