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Is it really so dangerous living in America that you have to keep loaded guns spread all over the house for fear of armed robbers breaking into your property? And you feel compelled to carry concealed (and loaded) weaponry on your person when you have to go out anywhere for fear of being attacked by an armed person?
Yes and no is my answer. It depends on where you live, whether in a big city or in a nice residential neighborhood with good neighbors and plenty of dogs around, or alone in the country without dogs or children.

Each person needs to weigh the risks of keeping loaded guns in the house vs the risk of someone attacking you at home. In most cases, family or friends are more likely to be injured by a firearm kept loaded for protection than its use in protecting the owners.

In a well-planned home invasion, I doubt that persons in the house would have time to protect themselves, even with a firearm within easy reach. In the case of a drunk trying to get into the wrong house, or drug-induced attack, chances are better.

Paranoia is our enemy, but sometimes our friend. Weigh the real odds in being attacked and you'll find they are miniscule in most locations. We are our own worst enemies sometimes. A B-I-L has shot a TV, a sliding glass door, a dog, a picture of Abe Lincoln, and squirted ammonia up his nose...all by accident, but never has actually used a weapon for protection.

That said, I have a few loaded guns in strategic places. We don't have children in the house anymore, except when grandkids visit, at which time, I remove the ammo, except for hidden guns that are out of reach. We live in the country and there have been break-ins nearby, but none when folks were home. My biggest fear is that I'll get home, interrupt a burglary and get shot with my own gun.
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