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My PPM leaked for along time and I disassembled it a couple of times and graphited it. Tried all different levels of tightness on the screws. Then last year I disassembled it again, tried to figure something out, gave up and reassembled and now it does not leak at all.

I have an RCBS Uniflow as well and while it doesn't leak it is not fun with stick powders such as Varget and H4895, and IMR4064 is impossible.

This week loading Varget they were both bridging badly for the first time ever and reloading took a long time. 25 years and I never had powder bridging issues and this week both measures are fluky. Chalked it up to gremlins this time and will see how they act next week.

For pistol powders except Unique I really, really like the Pro Auto Disk.

I would keep working with the PPM as when you ge t it working it is very nice. But there is nothing wrong to having alternate devices for other situations or back up when things don't work right. I could get by with one measure, but it is nice having these three.
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