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Alright, checked it out.

The recoil spring needs to be replaced on some sort of basis. like most other things in exsistance it weakens with use.
Some people advise replacing it every 5k rounds, some say 10k.

A damaged or soft spring will allow the bolt to come back too fast when discharged and surely will result in damage to both blt/rcvr.

I would say at this point if getting your spring nice and 'wet' and giving it a good cleaning doesnt help, and if it looks or appears off in any way...ditch it.
I mean, it's due for a swap now anyways text book wise.

You can pickup a new spring or even a specific spring kit specified to avoid having to do this as often online or common place in alot of LGS'.

As far as 'just getting it together for now' goes, I would certainly try to lube and grease that sucker up, put a pin of somewort so you can get a decent grab on it and try to compress it in to place until it takes.

but for an entire kit online incl. shipping at 34$ for a problem that is likely envitable anyways....
Where is the best place online to buy these??

The Beretta website only sells parts packages for $178. Where do you guys buy your specific parts, or the cheaper parts packages? Im not a super cheap ass but $178 seems a little over top...
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