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Go to and use their Spot On program (free). Simply select one of there Nikoplex scopes and the information is good for any scope. I recommend choosing the 6 inch option, 3 inches high to 3 inches low, to allow for a little human and gun error. My experience is that their program is very accurate.

I just ran it for you. For the six inch option sight in at 100 yards at 2.33 inches high and you will be zeroed without going over 3 inches high with a 355 yard zero and 3 inches low at 300 yards.

If you choose the 8 inch option sight in at 2.96 inches high youwill be zeroed in at 285 yards and 4 inches low at 336 yards. Ok for elk.

Even if you choose the 10 inch option, good for a miss on a deer at midrange, and sight in at 3.52 inches with a 310 yard zero, you will be 5 inches low at 366 yards. So much for holding dead on out to 500 yards.

I did not adjust for your altitude,so you will shoot a hair flatter, but it will only add five yards or so.
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