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Is the barrel free floated?Is it chrome lined?

I am not necessarily saying all non-floated rifles ,or all chrome lined bores will disappoint you for accuracy.

I suggest having lower expectations if this one is in battle rifle configuration.

1.5 MOA might be a reasonable expectation.

If it is free floated with a match grade barrel,then yes,I would be disappointed,too.

One thing to check,see if your reloading process is making straight,concentric ammo(I know,hard without tools)

Some bullets are more forgiving...better at getting themselves started straight.Others may be sleeker,better BC,but more finniky.A Sierra MK seems to be a forgiving bullet.

A brother's AR was shooting around 1 MOA,he was disappointed.He tried a 60 grain ballistic tip with Benchmark,and he is now very happy ,much better.
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