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Most dies have 7/8-14 thread, and most presses have 7/8-14 thread.

To get a co-ax press to work right [they don't use threads] I need the right kind of locking ring [with 7/8-14 threads]

Most lock rings are 7/8-14 threads, but the co-ax press wants the rings to be the right shape. Most presses do not care about the shape of the lock ring.

Sometimes I make dies by cutting off a piece of 7/8-14 threaded rod with a hack saw, and then boring a hole in it on the lathe.

One can make home made seater dies with a chamber reamer. Or neck dies by just boring out the neck and cutting the right shoulder angle. Which you can see I have done in these shortie dies.

My brother has done a much nicer job of making dies.

And Calhoon has made die inserts from machinable carbide and then heat treated them for making his 19 Calhoon cartridges he sells. [That is my pic, not one from his web site]

From my primitive efforts to some really nice work, we see they all are make with 7/8-14 threads, the industry standard for reloading dies.
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