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Both guns have a trigger stop but neither appears to have a 4th screw, so be sure they are described accurately. The prices aren't out of line, but you can find Model 14 shooters for less than that.
Well the K-38 appears to have something in front of the trigger guard. The screw would be very small in such a photo and hard to see. I can't say for sure that I see the screw, but those grips are 4/5 screw era, if original to the gun. You also have to reason that if one is a "14-2" and the other not a 14, that the seller has checked the yokes. If the K-38 does not say "MOD 14" in the yoke, it is a 4 screw or 5 screw by default.

Model 14 shooters might be cheaper where you live, but the OP is in Canada which I'm sure raises the prices.
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