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ah the age old rivalry.
I've had both, got rid of the marlin and regretted it. the marlin is more compact and more accurate.

the Ruger is less picky about ammo, more customizable, has faster reloads and is more reliable.

both are great for squirrels, if you just want a cheapo to rock around the floor boards of your truck or ride on the 4 wheeler then the marlin is a good choice. however with faster reloads and higher ammo cap(with ruger 25 round mags that is) the ruger is just a lot more fun for plinking. I use my 10/22, dressed up as an AR15 to trim the pine cones off trees since pine squirrels are protected in idaho and it does a good job. ground squirrels are fair game and fun too but I am a mean sadistic type of guy and like to hit them with larger calibers.
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