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here is a link to a picture of a vehicle mounted M240 machine gun.
And here is a link to it being carried by a soldier...,s:0,i:160

I'm not sure of your point . Can you mount a LMG on a vehicle? Why yes you can. Does that make it the only purpose of said LMG? Why no it doesn't.

I will concede on the M249 though. for some reason I was getting it confused with the M2(which is also vehicle mounted).
Not sure how you confused the mother of all heavy machineguns that fires the awesome 50 cal with a squad automatic weapon that fires assault weapon caliber ammunition.

I say we just admit there was a misunderstanding, and go back to talking about the actual point of this thread.
Know the status of your weapon
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Keep your finger off the trigger until you have an adequate sight picture
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