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300 weatherby is incredibly flat shooting with high velocity and very low bullet drop and wind drift. I have mine sighted 4 inches high at 100 and it's dead on at 500 yards. I would say a standard 1.5-2 inched high at 100 would give you close enough to zero at 200 for hunting accuracy.

to my knowledge remington and winchester do not make ammo for the 300 weatherby. I have been forced to use factory weatherby ammo(which is not cheap in any way shape or form). at least it's a 308 diameter bullet so reloading options are plentiful. I was pretty impressed though, 3200 fps out of standard factory loads is pretty freaking fast and some reloading manuals have loads for all the way up to 3400 FPS. it'll drop anything in north america that is for sure.
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