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300 weatherby Newbie here need HELP

I just traded for a 300 weatherby vanguard, and tryign to find out a couple things to include the correct zero range. I plan on using it for normal hunting so probably will not go -ast 350-400, but want to see where I should be firing from, aiming center mass , and where should the round be hitting for a center mass at 200 or so, I am sure someone know a website or even the facts.

I plan on using 180 coreloktby remington.

I also know I have to use weatherby rounds but he gave me two boxes of ammon and one says win mag on the box, but the rounds themselves say 300 weatherby ont he bottom, so I think he just used that box.

Any help would be great. I do no have a good range I can go too just yet, but I am looking hard.

I have heard that at 200 I should be 3.1 inches high which would put me about center at 300 and low by 3 at 100 but I want to make sure. I thought there would be a sight you coupld plug in your weapon and ammo and it would say where you needed to be. Thanks guys
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