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I carry a 45 on my hip and a 32 in my pocket pretty much every day. I had a small 380 but it went away and the 32 stayed. With a +1 mag extension, a side mount laser and some small modifications to the trigger guard I feel that the chromed Keltec P32 is the perfect pocket pistol. I have never had a failure, I can unload 3-4 shots with it one handed in 2 seconds or less (something I could not do with the micro 380's), and it weighs next to nothing. Whether or not I ever use the laser in a self defense situation is immaterial to me. It is fun to play with at the range and it breaks up the outline in a pocket.

If there were no Keltec, I would sport a Seecamp in the pocket. Matter of fact I still plan to get one some day down the road.

The 32 is quiet, more controllable and I feel it performs well enough with 73 grain FMJ. To each their own. However, I encourage you to try to rapidly shoot your pocket pistol one handed at a short distance and keep the shots on target. With someone nearly or possibly on top of you, it may be exactly what you have to do.
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