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Same old arguments from opinionated people with no experience. The 30-30 and 30-06 has wounded more deer than the .223 ever will. I said close in hunting. The man asked if anybody used a .223 for deer. I see where the dissenters are from and they just don't know any better. I hunt in stuff so thick I just watch shadows of deer sneak through at times. Other times I take head shots because it is all I can get. (That should get some "Expert" opinions posted) I have shot and seen many deer missing legs, gut shot, a front hoof shot off, and even one with a hole through the ear. You can hunt with almost any caliber you want, but you can't control the guy using it. I really don't see how it matters what a person uses. I used to live in a special regs area. You want to talk wounding, look into shotguns.
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