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CCW Q and A

I have been hearing alot of questions lately regarding CCW. Mainly they come from a new shooter who has just sparked an interest in shooting and self protection. The litany of questions amazes me so I figured I would post some of the common questions and the answers. Seeing as CCW is something that this person is Training to do I posted this here.

(mods this brings up a suggestion for a carry issues categlory)

Q: Do I need a new belt? A: Yes or at the very least a very sturdy belt that you already own. A belt specific to a gun and holster is the best way to go about it.

Q: What type of gun is best for me? A: No one but you can answer that question go rent some or try someone elses. See what you are comfortabe with and go from there. Keep in mind this is a CCW so be mindful of concealablity.

Q: What caliber should I carry? A: Find a firearm type that fits you and you are comfortable shooting and carrying. Once you have shot a few decide on the most effective caliber. This is again different for everyone. Remember it matters more how proficent you are not how proficent your gun is.

Q: Do I need fancy dancy TATICIFOOL clothing in order ot conceal my firearm? A: Not unless you enjoy over paying for things. Just buy shirts and pants one size bigger. Of course the pant size doesn't matter if you are carrying OWB or anywhere else for that matter only for IWB.

Q: Should I carry a reload? A: Yes for a revolver because you will only have five or six rounds and for a semi because a failure may best be cleared by simply switching mags.

Q: How much ammo should I carry A: Depends on what makes you feel comfertable only you know the answer to that question.

Q: What is the best holster? A: The one that feels best to you, secures your firearm, allows fast access, and stands out the least. You will accumulate holsters that no longer work or have been replaced by something better.

Q: How much is this all going to cost. A: Bare minimum $2000. Till you are done with a firearm, quality light, quality holster, spare mags (or speed loaders or whatever else, quality gun belt, a few clothing options to adapt, and ammo enough to practice I believe $2000 is conservative. Also professional training is a good thing.

Friends plese chime in and post your suggestions in the Q and A form that I have above.

Thanks for playing, Vermonter
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