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It's a Python substitute,,,

A few people I know who wanted a Python but couldn't afford one,,,
Have opted to purchase a Trooper Mk-III instead.

About the only real similarity between them and a Python,,,
Is the cartridge/caliber and being made by Colt.

I'm not downing them at all,,,
I own a 4" Mk-III in .357,,,
And a 6" Mk-III in .22.

I shoot them often and appreciate them for the fine handguns they are,,,
On some early morning walkabouts on a friends farm,,,
The .22 has taken several bunnies for his dogs.

$699.00 might seem a bit on the high side,,,
But a Trooper in that good shape with a pristine box,,,
I'll guarantee it won't stay in that gentleman's store for too long.

The .22 versions often go for far more than the .357 versions.

Colt revolvers are like real estate,,,
They aren't making any more of them.


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