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No not much accomplished, I'm not sure anyone intended that there be.

The OP sounded as if he just realized the warnings were there so it may have been useful to some to see how the warnings got there and to know they've been there a couple of decades on Rugers. (Fear of lawsuits prompt gun makers to put that stuff on.) So some if that was accomplished.

Folks who didn't know learned that there is more than one way to remove them, so some of that was accomplished.

Lawyers were cussed a lot and that's par for the course. Folks like cussin the hired guns and not the folks that do the hiring or the system that promotes it. There not much new.

We can say again for the zillionth time that gun safety is taught and passed on person to person. A label on a gun does not make a gun safer. Neither do various added on gizmos.

Like a lot of forum discussions some silliness and some nuggets of learning.

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