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I have both and they're both good and accurate-ish . I say ish cus I also have a Savage mk2 FV and there is really no contest . My model 60 is an older model . It has a 22" barrel and holds 17 rounds . It also have feeding problems when I use bulk ammo with it but it works great with mini mags . My 10/22 is -?-?-?-? well it's a 10/22 so it's great and has no problems . OK the Ruger has 1 big problem . The iron sights suck IMO . I have not compared them side by side for accuracy cus I almost never take them out together so Im not sure how they compare . I hit what I'm aiming at with both of them so no problems there with either one . The only issue is the feed jams the Marlin gets with some ammo . I most certainly get more jams with the Marlin then the Ruger .

So in short if you want a gun that you will almost never have a problem with for the life of the gun get the 10/22

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