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Daewoo DP51, parts issue...

American citizen (Bersa, SW442, CCWP) living in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America:

The Daewoo DP51 is currently the frontrunner for my 9mm hi-cap purchase.

My question is, since parts seems to be a bit of an issue, which part in particular should I obtain right-off-the-bat before parts become even harder to find. A firing pin, a main spring, or perhaps an ejector for instance.

Note, a third world country is something else. My gf took a Pullman (think Greyhound bus) to another city just yesterday. During the trip, three highway men stood up, hijacked the bus, ordered all valuables passed over, then took off into the night.

Once I get the DP51, I´ll post pics of my EDCs.
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