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I quite frankly could see this woman,all 98lbs of her wrestling grizzlies and them somehow finding a way to scream uncle!
I'm thinkin' in that fantasy, the Grizzly looks a lot like you........

Ask yourself a few questions and feel free to do research on them.

I did and here are the objective answers I found to them.....some are direct quotes, some are summations of what I read on different sites/locations.

1. How many predators in the lower 48 have been documented repeatedly stalking humans as prey?
Due to the expanding human population, cougar ranges increasingly overlap with areas inhabited by humans. Attacks on humans are rare, as cougar prey recognition is a learned behavior and they do not generally recognize humans as prey.

2. How many predators in the lower 48 have been documented to deliberately stalk, drag off, and attempt to eat children in particular?
Number one predator to do this....humans. No others were shown to "deliberately" stalk children.

3. How many people who have no political agenda, are not involved in tourism, and have extensive experience with cougars feel like they are no big deal?
The majority of folks. Facts are, those that most strongly oppose cougars are those that are either ill-informed or have an agenda themselves against cougars. This agenda generally is because of the competition for game animals. The cougar hunts them to live, the human counterpart, for the most part does it for sport. Many times when the human is unsuccessful, he feels the need to blame something other than his own ineptness.

I also cannot for the life of me, believe, that State officials, the DOW, the Division of Tourism and highly regarded newspapers in Colorado would lie to the public and put hundreds of thousands of innocent woman and children at risk of death or injury in return for a few more tourism dollars. This kind of expansive conspiracy ain't gonna happen, regardless of what kind of tin-foil you use for a hat.

FrankenMauser said it well......

The Big Kitties here are nowhere near as vicious as you want everyone to believe.
Nor are you doing the great public service you claim you are in the colorful justification for poaching.

One more thing, when a cougar tracks were routinely spotted near a ranchers house ,or one was seen repeatedly enough to worry the neighbors,"coyote" hunts including tracking dogs tended to happen, sometimes with the men of two or three households. Not too long afterwards someone would buy a cougar skin rug to celebrate the hunt. Take those things out of the picture and I can assure you the numbers you dealt with would have changed.
Instead, by your own words, you are adding to the problem by not reporting encounters with nuisance animals. Must be it's more fun to go out with the boys and run a random cat up a tree with the hounds and then have a celebration, than it is to report to the DOW about a nuisance cat and have them take care of it. Even better they not know there are any cats around....that way they won't think anyone is out poaching them. Local warden told me that they don't automatically confirm cougar sightings because many folks make them up or are mistaken. They see a flash of tan in the brush and assume it's a cougar. They see random tracks in the sand and assume they are being stalked. These same folks claim to be more knowledgeable about cougars and other wildlife than trained biologists and the wardens themselves. One reason they try to justify taking the law into their own hands. Truth is, it's still poaching/violating. Truth is that most violators do not only violate once or only do the same violation. They tend to violate multiple times doing multiple types of violations....and yes, they generally have some kind of justification for each. At least to themselves.

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