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I have a Diavari and a Conquest, but with the standard duplex. Great glass, as clear and sharp as you are likely to get. I don't have any experience with the Rapid-Z reticle, but my opinion is that it is not worth the extra expense. A Conquest with the standard reticle is $399, to get the rapid-Z it will be closer to $550.

I can't say anything bad about the Zeiss, but I just like Leupold a little better. Their long range reticle is less cluttered and easier to use in my opinion. A bit less expensive, especially with a long range reticle in both. I recenly bought a VX-2 with LRD for $330. It is every bit as good as my Zeiss scopes.

Both my Leupold and the Zeiss you are looking at are geared toward hunting rifles. There are many other options out there geared toward miltary style and tactical rifles that my meet your needs better than either of these. Not really my specialty so I'll leave that advice to others who know more.
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