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but buying a pair on "long tweezers" ....and some of those evil looking "dental picks" ...and maybe even a pair of those " long handled - vein clamps" or whatever they are.....are reasons to go to the Gun Shows.....

so we can all fix these problems....

but yes, I think Dillon will have one in the mail - in your hands in a few days ....great guys / and they sure stand behind their equipment !!

( and one of those long handled flexible magnets...for when you drop the detent ball....down the center shaft hole of the loader - when you take the shellplate off to clean under it a good investment too ...) ...not that I haven't learned anything after doing it 4 or 5 times.../ but the magnet make a stupid moment a little better...( or just remove the ball before you start scrubbing the darn thing - might be smarter)...
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