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Yes, Dillon changed the shape of the funnel at the top of the case feeder a few yrs ago ...and if its the funnel that is causing the issue / they'll probably send you the new part -- but I think the reason they revised the shape was to get the short cases, like 9mm, to feed into the tube the old style shape - they had a tenancy to roll sideways as they dropped out of the feeder plate and into the funnel ...and then 6 or 8 cases would jam at the top of the feed tube where it narrows ..*..
Now that's two things that this thread has taught me. *Yeah, and when you don't notice they're log jammed, you stall the case feeder motor. It has a slip clutch, so it don't burn up. BUT a long tweezers is needed to fish those out of there. I'm sure a call to dillon will net me a new funnel.
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