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Hello Scorch,
Tks for the reply, yes I look at the Weaver but I already got the Packmayr on the way, found one last week on line and should be here by next week.
Hope I could fitted, from the picture look as new, the fellow told me it was for a mauser, I thought the Packmayr would give me the advantage of flipping the scope over to the side on stead of removing it when loading the clip.
My concern is to have enough hight to clear the bolt handle ( I will cut it and replace with a more strimline one).
I guess I will know when the mount arrive!
Already have 2 Packmayr mounts one on a 7mmRMAG ( top mount) and one on a 6.5husky they are a little larger compared to a more modern mount, but very solid and both hold zero fine.
Best Regards
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