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Only springs are being changed. Shims are added around the trigger and hammer pins. It is not difficult; Ruger designed it to be easy. It is so simple that anyone who can do an oil change can watch the video and copy what was done.
Thanks for clearing that up, I was rather worried about buying a used gun and wondering if someone had been sat with it, under a bench light with a load of files and screwdrivers.

It's living in NZ for 5 years that made that scenario spring to mind because All Kiwis believe they have the ability to fix anything provided you use the right size hammer. They are great believers in "percussive maintenance" i.e. beat the crap out of it 'till it starts working again, if it still doesn't work get a bigger hammer.
The worst Kiwi phrase that when said you know it's had a botch job done on it is "No worries, she'll be right mate".

They will never use screws on wood, cost to much, they still use nails for everything.
Oh, too funny!! I remember one of our kiwi sys admins who maintained the Windows servers at work. I am convinced he kept a hammer in the server room.
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