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On a similar note, if I have something like a hole and a pin that I want to be an "interference fit" so that the pin can be tapped into the hole but won't come out on its own, how do I specify the sizes of the hole and the pin? Is there a certain "standard" amount by which the pin should be smaller than the hole, or do I specify the same size for both parts?
What you describe above would be a spring pin. machined pins and the hole you are putting them in will eventually get to the point where the pin will not stay in the hole. Wear and tear of the hole and pin.

As stated by other posts the 1" hole and 1" pin ain't happening. First off what are you doing with the pin and part. You need to specify what amount of play you want between the 2 parts (tolerance ) . The average sheet of paper is .003 thick. (3 thousandths of an inch.) With reference to a hole that is a clearance on each side of the hole of .0015 (half the thickness of a piece of paper) Tight fit to say the least.

Again what are you doing with the 2 parts/pieces?
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